Mingo Lewis Jr.

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San Francisco based percussionist Mingo Lewis, Jr. has big shoes to fill being the son of his father Mingo Lewis Sr., one of the world’s all-time great percussionists (Santana, Chick Corera, and Al Dimeola, to name a few).
Mingo Lewis, Jr. has taken his god given talent from his father and taken it to a new level. By performing with Raw Sun since 1995 – alongside drummer Thomas McCree – Mingo Jr. has learned to refine his own unique style that mesmerizes the educated music lover.
Here is a list of the bands Mingo Lewis Jr. has performed or recorded with over the last couple years – some on percussion, some on drumset: Greater St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church (Oakland, CA), Groundation, Sage, Wisdom, Warrior King, RawSun, Figi, Bo Jackson, Zealous, Alma Melediosa, Wiley’s Coyotes, Good Works Massive, Vortex Tribe, Pep Love, Greg Howe, and Vinyl.

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