The Melt – Monkey Genes

The band’s debut “Monkey Genes” CD in 2015 gives insight into the raw potential of this band. Written, produced and recorded by all members just 1 month after meeting each other, the results speak for themselves. Originality was the order of the day, and the creative influence of all members is on pure display. Many of the cuts were done in one take, and the energy and creativity of the end result gives us a glimpse of what’s to come from this creative ensemble.

Our Band

Funk and creativity is the soul and driving force behind the Sonoma County sensation The Melt. This eclectic and talented group of musicians came together in 2015 from completely different angles and different bands, but with one goal in mind – to create deeply grooving music that grabs your soul and makes you get up and move your butt. Sharing the stage with famous acts at prestigious Music Festivals, and headlining iconic music clubs like Slims, Fenix Live and the Boom Boom Room give the band a wide reach with enthusiastic audiences.  


The Melt is a funk and groove band that hails from Sonoma County, Ca. Music that gets crowds moving with pulsing energy and exploration. Influenced by New Orleans funk, 60’s and 70’s R & B and modern jambands their style and sound is truly unique. The Melt features original compositions as well as carefully chosen covers to round out their sets. Todd Bugbee heads up the group on guitar and vocals while Jeff Stevenson shreds the hammond B3 and Nord. Nick Hasty adds Sax, Flute and EWI to the band. The backbone of the group consists of Mingo Lewis Jr. on drums and Harlan Rollins on Bass. Each player brings his own unique personality to the group which allows the band to create a sound that is truly original.
Band leader Todd Bugbee’s BA in music from Humboldt State lays the foundation for much of the band’s original music, but the creative input from the rest of the members takes the seeds of Todd’s ideas to new heights, weaving in the intensity of Soulive, the funk of Martin Medeski Wood (MMW), Grant Green and John Scofield and the exploratory passages of Phish and The Dead. Todd’s work with Leo Nocentelli from The Meters is reflected in the bands syncopated and complex style, and Jeff Stevenson’s study of the Hammond B3 with John Medeski from MMW pays off in spades by adding melodic texture and a playful, whimsical sense of the unexpected to the original music the band is so well known for.

Rounding out the rhythm section is Harlan Rollins on bass who studied with John Kulowitch in New York and has played jazz and funk all over the country, and Mingo Lewis Jr. (Groundation and The Bloodstones).  The members of the band have performed for audiences as large as 70,000 people with legendary musicians such as, John Grows (Papa Grows Funk), Greg Errico (Sly and the Family Stone, Jerry Garcia), Terry Haggerty (Sons of Champlin), Val Fuentes (It’s a Beautiful Day) and Lester Chambers, lead singer and front man of The Chambers Brothers.

The Melt Funk Members

Todd Bugbee



Jeff Stevenson

Hammond B3, Keyboards


Harlan Rollins

Bass, Puppets


Mingo Lewis Jr.

Drums & Percussion


Nicholas Hasty